BBC One’s Fake or Fortune? uses
Casio XJ-H1700 projectors

Fiona Bruce arts programme uses Casio lamp-free projectors to
create holographic images

London, 5 July 2012 — Casio Projectors has partnered with Vueinti to provide projection equipment for BBC One arts programme Fake or Fortune? Specified by display solutions provider Vueinti, the lamp-free Casio projectors were used in conjunction with a 60-inch transparent holographic projection screen to display artwork discussed by the show’s panel of experts.

Tim Gould, Marketing Director at Casio Projectors, said: “This kind of digital signage is becoming much more popular, as stunning visual effects can be achieved with relatively low-cost and using easily available technologies.

“BBC TV programmes demand the highest performance and best visuals, so we’re proud to have our hybrid Laser & LED products involved in the making of Fake or Fortune?”

Vueinti selected the Casio H-1700 as the project needed a 4,000 ANSI lumen projector with a small footprint, silent running, natural colour reproduction and pure image brightness. Geof Jones, CEO of Vueinti said: “The combination of the unbelievable Laser & LED lamp-free light source of the Casio XJ-H1700 projector and the pure image technology in our range of transparent holographic projection screens created the perfect solution for this BBC project, delivering a magical floating holographic image of the art displayed during the show’s discussions.”

Herefordshire-based Vueinti were approached by the production set designer after an initial sample of a 4mm HoloVue transparent screen. Vueinti were then asked to provide the best projector solution to complement the screen, the key component being Casio’s powerful XJ-H1700 Laser & LED projectors. The projection screen floats in mid-air, supported by two weighted microwires.