When faced with an exhibition space, twenty feet above a busy shopping precinct, Worcester-based Artists in Minds (AIMS) turned to digital signage and technology company Vueinti, to bring the event to life.

The charity had been given an arts exhibition space in the centre of Worcester to promote World Mental Health Day. The only trouble was that it was in an empty first floor shop overlooking a busy pedestrian precinct.

‘Under normal circumstances, having an exhibition twenty feet in the air and which could only be seen through a shop window wouldn’t have made much of an impact,’ says Vueinti’s Business Development Manager, Geof Jones.

‘Not only would it have been impossible to see more than a few of the 160 works of art at any one time but, being so far up, the details would have been lost on the shoppers below.’

However, by using rear projection technology Vueinti transformed the window into a vivid and dynamic display surface for 160 works by 48 different artists.

Using a 2.2m x 2.8m Vueinti Aura HC Projection film and a Panasonic 6000ES projector the resultant high clarity images could be seen day or night during the week-long exhibition. And, once the event was over, the film was quickly and easily taken down, making it good and ready for its next tenants.

‘We’re increasingly seeing charities and event organisers turning to digital projection technology as a way to get their message across, so DOOH isn’t confined to the retail sector alone,’ says Geof Jones.

‘And obviously, in locations like this, standard LCD or plasma screens, given their smaller size and a capacity to overheat in large south facing windows, even on an autumn day, would not have worked.”