You can now make any of our projection foils interactive – putting the control back to the public. The lightweight Touch Screen Foil can be applied directly to a window, a glass sheet or an acrylic sheet with a rear projection screen or LCD screen positioned behind creating through-window/glass touch interaction.

We have selected various technologies to make our screens interactive. One of which is Visual Planet Interactive touch foil – one of the leaders in the industry. Visual planets foil comes without projection film  so you need to bond and mount the film on to the interactive foil.

We found that most of our clients didn`t have the equipment to bond the projection film bubble free – so we have comissioned a world leading touch screen manufacturer who in their dust free rooms professionally bond either our DarkVue or HoloVue Film on to the back of the touch foil – This gives you a single cost effective product that is easy to install.

The Vueinti Touch film, gives all our customers a high resolution  dual touch interactive touch foil which is the only UPDD compliant product on the market todate (which means it is fully windows 7 compatible for touch features)

 Product features

  • Lightweight foil simple to apply to a window, glass, acrylic and rear projection screens and any other non-metallic material.
  • No requirement to have any external wires or devices as all of the touch screen components are situated safely behind the glass
  • Interactivity works even with gloved hand
  • Not affected by external light conditions
  • Wide range of screen sizes available
  • Works with all existing multimedia applications PowerPoint, Macromedia flash, Web sites etc.
  • Simple set-up
  • Still works with substances such as water drops and other liquids on the touch surface
  • Operates on curved surfaces
  • No aperture required for touch foil positioning