Vueinti offers a complete line of Infrared Touch Screen products which are available in standard sizes from 6.4” to 130” while custom sizes are also available on request.

Vueinti`s Infrared Touch Screens are the ideal choice of touch screen technology for a range of applications both indoor and outdoor, such as Kiosk, ATM, POS, Gaming, and Industrial Applications.

Standard Features
∙ Infrared touch technology
∙ High resolution
∙ High transparency
∙ No Drift
∙ Water/dust resistant on IP65 leve
∙ Vandal-proof function with tempered glass
∙ Unique design to avoid light disturbing
∙ Maintenance free
∙ Long life time



Multi Touch Infrared Screens Features:

  • Support multi-user&multi-dot simultaneous interaction
  • Intuitive interactive content (games, presentations, photo browsing, geographic maps,etc)
  • High performance and reliability, no drift
  • High resolution, up to 4096*4096
  • Super Transparency
  • Water and dust proof, suitable for various operation environments
  • High sensitivity, fast response
  • Long expectancy
  • Compatible with existing operating system, application software
Multi-Touch Infrared Screen Specifications
Standard sizes 17” 19” 22”32”40”46”47”50”52”55”57”65”
Customized sizes Other size available according to customer requirements
Support Touch Point Dual Touch   (Maximum 8 points)
Touch Method A finger, a pen, or any opaque with the touch size〉3mm
Touch Technology Infrared touch technology
Accuracy 2mm
Touch Resolution 4096*4096 pixels
Scanning Speed 120 scans/second
Response Time 16ms
Transparency 〉92﹪,up to 100﹪ without glass
Touch Intensity Over 60,000,000 single point touch
Protection Level IP65 Standard
Operating Environment -40℃-50℃Operating temperature,20%-85%operating humidity
Storage environment -40℃-60℃storage temperature,0-95% storage humidity
Orthometric Elevation 0-3000m
ScreenType supported LCD,PDP.CRT,PRT
Sunlight Operable Operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor
Interface RS232,USB2.0
Sensor Infrared rays
Certifications CCC,CE,RoHs
OS supported Windows7/XP/Vista/2000, Linux, MacOS