Virtual mannequin with product lift off technology and content trigger which presents videos of the products lifted off

Short Summary

Our partner’s client wanted a unique promotional solution for the Southampton boat show. We created one of our virtual mannequins with a shelf with lift off technology. the Virtual mannequin talks about their products and when one is lifted a bespoke video and VM presentation is displayed. This proved to be highly effective and the first time the client sold multiple high end night cameras at the show.

Technical Summary
  • Virtual Mannequin Solution powered by Casio projector
  • Lift off trigger shelf
  • Wallflower advanced digital signage
  • Intel core i3 Processor PC
Options & Features

Other options and features that could be integrated include

  • Facial Recognition – Age and gender reporting
  • Motion Triggers

Imagine being able to report on how many people walked past your retail unit and didn’t stop and engage with it. Then how many people stopped and looked at the display and what was their age and gender, what time and how long they looked.

Finally how many customers picked up the product, what product, how long for and their age and gender – Match this will sales at the till and you have the ultimate demographic and analytical reporting right to the headoffice from all displays across the globe.