We can offer various products and solutions based on rear projection technology. from standard screens, to Virtual Mannequin acrylic. We can apply film to acrylic sheets or CNC from our range of rigid screens. Feel free to get in touch

Rear Projection film (or on glass rear projection, video tint, projection displays, creative windows, glass movie, wIndow logos, window display screens – there are many names to describe this amazing technology).

Rear Projection screens are no longer just the technology for the boardroom or classroom. With the introduction of Vueinti rear projection films and rear projection acrylic screens the opportunities are endless.

Imagine – a Virtual presenter or Virtual assistant working 24/7 informing and engaging with the public and your clients.

Selecting a Screen

Here you can find information to help select the right screen and what projector brightness is best for the sizes screen

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Technology Summary

Don’t know what rear projection screens are, here is a breakdown of the technology available

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