Finding this site is one thing, choosing the best screen or the right screen for that matter is another. Here we have a quick guide on the screens which should hopefully help in your selection process.

  • What width is the desired screen size?
  • Are the images you are projecting going to be in wide-screen (16:9),
  • Standard (4:3) or a custom size?
  • To best fit the proposed display area and the images that will be projected,
  • will screen be mounted portrait or landscape?

Size & Ratio Selector

4by3 ratio LLM

 16by9ratio LLM

Lookup the LLM (light level multipler) and multiply by the
ASM (Ansi/Sq Metre) to find the desired ANSI Lumens required

llm chart

For example a 67” DarkVue Screen has a LLM of 2.0 for use indoor with ambient
daylight – the ASM is 2000 – Therefore the minimum recommended ANSI lumen projector
required is 2.0 x 2000 = 4000 Ansi

Lens & Ratio Selector

To calculate the Lens Throw ratio – select your screen size – look up the width of the screen
measure the distance from the screen to a suitable location for the projector (so that people
cannot walk in front and disrupt the image) – Divide the Distance by the Width of screen.

For a 50” 16:9 Screen where the projector will be 1000mm from the screen
1000mm / 1016 = .98 – therefore the lens throw ratio should be less than .98:1


If you know the throw ratio of the projector, multiply the distance Ratio x Width of screen
to get the distance required. A 50” 16:9 screen using a .57:1 ratio short throw projector
1016mm width x 0.57 Ratio = 579mm distance from projector lens to screen.