We offer advanced projection screen materials that push projection capabilities to new levels.  Use this technology to captivate audiences in environments not conducive to traditional large format broadcast platforms.

Engage the public and increase footfall to your retail site with stunning high resolution images and video.  Take advantage of unused space and create additional channels of communication.  Let your creativity flow, design architectural elements that take advantage of HD video or static images.

Our technology is extremely cost effective in comparison to other screen products.  The projection screens are durable, waterproof, lightweight, easy to install and easily transportable.  With their exceptional versatility, our screens will perform beautifully wherever you want.

Our Main product categories of products are as follows :-

Rigid Rear Projection Screens

4mm Acrylic in sizes up to 3050 x 2050 – perfect for hanging in store on rods or wires or as part of an exhibition stand.

Fabric Rear Projection PVC Film

Our projection fabric is the versatile projection solution. Whether you need front or rear projection, a convex or concave screen, an ‘in-frame’ freestanding unit or a ceiling-hung installation, our projection fabric quite literally has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Made from waterproof film, the lightness and flexibility of our projection fabric makes it particularly good for large format feature installations, outside or in, overcoming health and safety issues associated with heavyweight LCD and plasma screens and reducing the need for complex mountings. This is the most portable screen in our range – it can easily be rolled up and moved to another location.

Rear Projection Film

Rear Projection Film screens is a very thin, lightweight and flexible projection film with a unique projection surface.  The screens are cable free and appear to float on the glass surface. Viewers are astonished how effectively it works and in many ways it is better than a Plasma or LCD display. Shop Windows can be brought to life with these unique screens.

CNC Shaped Rear Projection Screen

Our rigid screens can be cut to any shape – just select the correct size screen and provide a vector image of your desired shape – in Corel Draw v10, A.I, DWG, DXF

don’t make the cnc too tight – remember this has to be strong enough to hang – you dont want to break off features when handling.

CNC Virtual Mannequin Torso

We supply Virtual Mannequin Solutions virtualmannequinsolutons.co.uk all the projection film and Acylic required for high quality virtual mannequins

However we are happy to manufacture acrylic with our projection film applied – cnc cut to the required shape. We can also get the vinyl print of the lower torso

If you have a requirement, please get in touch