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The master of the ingenious solution. Geof has an astounding technical knowledge, but it’s his imagination that allows him to create the solution that will crack any digital signage problem. Rather than being tied to specific providers Geof selects the configuration that is right to create the solution and then looks to source the kit.

Tom GollandCEO

I’ve known Geof for nearly ten years and, in that time, have worked with him on a number of successful projects, as I am at present.  I have always admired his energy, his entrepreneurial spirit and above all the degree of innovation he brings to the table. Consequently, he has an excellent ability to spot business opportunities and develop them, especially given his strong knowledge of technology, and particularly of digital signage.  From my dealings with him, I know he is committed to delivering good service to clients and customers, always looking to build long-term commercial relationships

Ian Phillipson Copywriter for a digital age. Creating quality content for websites, blogs, emails, articles & ebooks

We needed a solution povider to work with our software, to provide a flexable bespoke solution as part of a package to our clients. Geof has gone out of his way to meet us out of hours and accommodate our clients providing above and beyond complimentary services to ourselves. Geof has also helped to provide us with complimentary marketing. We feel Geof can provide us and our clients with specialist trade insight to grow our business to a large scale

Trevor Mealham CEO at INEA.co.uk (The Independent Network of Estate Agents)

I met Geof whilst struggling to find a working solution for a very complicated client requirement. Geof took hold of the brief and developed a series of creative solution alongside us that impressed the client so much he altered the campaign to suit the service solution.  A personable chap who has developed our working relationship since our early encounter and we are now doing business back and forth regularly.

Gino Malocca Supreme Being at CMT

We are a New Zealand based developer of Digital Signage software marketed to a growing international network of users. We have partnered with Geof as our ‘Brand Ambassador’ to establish our product in Europe. Over the last 18 months we have been continually impressed with Geof’s ability to not only establish and promote our brand but to deliver a superb service to his users. The tyranny of distance meant that we needed an individual who was not only technically exceptional but also able to be creative and develop new opportunities for our product with minimal assistance from us.

In all of these aspects Geof has exceeded our expectations. He has been able to take our product in new directions by being exceptionally creative and has proved himself able to surmount many technical challenges and deliver exactly what clients wanted.

Tony ScottManaging Director at Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage Limited NZWallflower DS

Be careful with Geof… you’ll get a lot more than you bargained for!
In a world of grey suits and safe thinking, he is one of a very few who looks to the future… constantly. And his enthusiasm is infectious. For those seeking to not just be ahead of the IT curve, but in place to take advantage of all that come from when ‘the next big thing’ breaks, Geof is the person to have by your side. Just… remind him to not race ahead too much

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