We have a complete collection of Virtual mannequin`s – We have a selection of our designs on our websites. We pride ourselves on our design and fabrication service and as a result we have partnerships with many companies who we design and manufacturer Virtual mannequin solutions under exclusive NDA`s.

There are so many uses for a Virtual Mannequin and interactive features.

  • Virtual Presenter
    Warm up prior to a seminar or similar event.
  • Forces Recruitment Assistant
    Police, Army, Navy, TA etc…information for recruitment, further actions etc
  • Virtual Sales Assistant
    Provide information about car models, boats and other luxury craft
  • Virtual mannequin for jewelry display, virtual neck, virtual arm, see different products virtually in situ.
  • Virtual superhero – from mild mannered reporter to super dude – maybe!
  • Virtual Theme Park Cast Member
    Need a person you can move, change content on a daily or even hourly basis? Up to four individual virtual cast members can be controlled at the same time from a single system.
  • Virtual Cartoon Character
    Not just people, cartoon characters and other popular identities can also be turned into virtual mannequins.
  • Virtual Snowman
    This one can amuse children and adults in retail establishments during the holiday season, and it won’t melt.
  • Virtual Videogame Character
    Video games are bigger than films, don’t have a cardboard cut out, have an animated full size character to help sell the games.
  • Virtual Anybody and any object !
    Trade shows, seminars, product launches, entertainment and information, virtual mannequins can deliver in a wide range of markets.

The Possibilities are endless, and with motion triggers, audio, directional audio, touch, gesture, button & RFID interaction, local or remote updating. Powered by the latest LED Projectors for up to 20,000 lamp life – There is no better option than a Virtual Mannequin from Virtual Mannequin Solutions.

Due to the bespoke nature of our virtual mannequin solutions, we have made a seperate website